Jen Durkin
Lotus SoundWorks Equinox

Jen Durkin has attained her dreams and then some. After attending Berklee Music College she plunged head long into the New York City music scene as receptionist for S.O.Bís world music venue. She attended over 300 shows in the two years she lived in the city until 1996 when Deep Banana Blackout was formed.

Fast tracking the high profile gigs in VT, Boston, Philly and DC as well packing out clubs like the Wetlands 99 and 2000 nye NYC in their home turf.

Bernie Worrell and the WOO WARRIORS and changed her life forever. Ready for a new project, Jen took a leap into the unknown and joined the Wizard of Woo for 2 years.

Jen joined the Bomb Squad for 5 years and they were voted ďbest new musicĒ by internet vote, won an American Music Award and the chance to perform on the show after Metallica in 2003.

Just when she thought the touring should settle down, Mickey Hartís management called with an offer to do 30 days on the road with the Rhythm Devils Bill Kreutzmann Mike Gordon and Steve Kimock.

Jenís unique vocal abilities have attracted opportunities from the diverse world of the jam band to the Masters of Funk. ďI love drums and playing hand percussion, to me itís all about the rhythm...Ē Jen most recent opportunity to join with the masters was in the Mickey Hart Band, when George Porter Jr. joined with Walfredo Reyes Jr. and Kyle Hollingsworth 2008.

2011 Jen is back with new music, vocal lessons on skype, E book autobiography of her music career and sneak peak video of the Festival documentary filmed by Jenís production company

Stay tuned for dates, all star jams and DBB reunion shows! Keep the Funk alive!